Celebrate Valentine Week With Veet

Let’s get girls Valentine ready

Just when new year's resolutions started weighing so heavy on life, February is here to rescue us girls! This short and sweet month gives you a zillion reasons to just let your hair down and breathe delight for a good one week. Yes, Valentine’s week is here. Roses are red, violets are blue, allow Veet to pamper you!

Valentine Day

Say it with a rose - The jitters of Valentine's week get kickstarted on Rose Day. What to wear? How to do my hair? etc etc. Amidst this, the heart flutters at the thought of presenting rose to that someone special. Confidence certainly comes from the inside but the outside too should feel great! Choose Veet Supreme Essence with Beauty Oils & Velvet Rose which gives you not just smooth, but silky-soft, moisturized and pampered skin. Now, gift the rose you like and see how your rose kissed beauty enamors him!

He loves me..He loves me not? - The eternal question! But not with our new age power packed girls. Because real empowerment is when you love yourself beyond the flaws. This Propose Day profess love for yourself by indulging in pampering sessions. So, here's Veet Hair Removal Cream which targets the root of your hair, giving you higher, long-lasting smoothness.

Binge day is here – Though you don't need reasons to eat chocolates yet Chocolate Day targets your gluttony big time! While sharing the sweetness of milky, dark or white chocolates with your loved ones, have you wondered of a skin that's smooth like chocolates? Try out Veet Cold Wax Strips which pulls out even 1.5 mm short hair and gives you a smooth skin upto 28 days. Veet Cold Wax Strips.

Teddy love - Diamond…err..Teddy is every girl's best friend! When it comes to expressing, girls impulsively share their every mood with their teddy. On Teddy Day, lovers give small and big teddy to their loved ones. Want to be soft like a teddy? Get Veet Hair Removal Cream which removes shortest of hair and gives you a skin feeling soft and smooth.

Promise made, promise kept – While we keep swearing on promises to our loved ones, did we fulfill the last ones? Be the woman of your word and keep your promises. Veet believes in giving you silky smooth skin and on Promise Day, it promises to do so always! Choose Veet Cold Wax Strips which gives you silky smooth skin upto 28 days.

A hug a day, keeps the doctor away - It is only hugs which can brighten up someone's day. On Hug Day, share the warmth of hugs with your loved ones without worrying about your underarm hair. Veet Hair Removal Cream Under-arms Pack gives you smoother and visibly brighter underarms.

Kiss of love - The sixth day in valentine week is Kiss Day. You can express love in hundreds of ways but the best form of expression is kiss. Shower your loved ones with this expression of love and have kiss ready skin with Veet Cold Wax Strips. It pulls out hair as short as 1.5 mm short hair and your skin feels kissed by smoothness up to 28 days.

Valentine's day ready already! – Love, officially is in the air. Shower your loved ones with gifts and expressions. You're all set to make hearts skip a beat. Make up, check. Attire, check. Oh, the one hair in eyebrow is slanting the other way and spoiling the edge? In such situations keep New Veet Sensitive Touch handy. It helps you get those eyebrows back on fleek and gives prominence to your eye make-up. Be it date nights or lunch with besties, you are #TouchSetGo with #Veet.

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