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Girls, don’t get caught out with stubbly, hairy legs! Veet's 3 Minute hair removal cream is all it takes to banish the fuzz in a flash, and get touchably smooth and glowing skin! The Veet range has special formulations for every need – From creams designed for your unique skin type to ones with 100% Natural ingredients.

Veet's cream dissolves rather than cuts hair, so unwanted hair takes longer to grow back than with shaving, and there's no stubbly feel to regrowth.

Plus our gentle formulas leave your skin silky smooth, sexy and ready for anything.

Uncap the magic of Veet® 3 Minute Hair Removal Cream and you're soon out the door - smooth and stress-free.

with papaya extracts

with camellia extracts

Veet Sensitive Skin Hair Removal Cream

Veet 3 Minute Hair Removal Cream for normal skin

Veet 3 Minute Hair Removal Cream for dry skin