Get Ready With Veet Before You Say Happy Holi


Bye, Bye winters! So, you can finally ditch the jackets, coats and let your body feel the spring breeze. And what other opportunity than this season of colors? Holi is here, girls! Before you drench in the fun and frolic of colors, Veet is here to make sure that you are Holi ready.

Valentine Day

Grease up, girls – We know how much you hate oil except the days you have taken an oil massage. You can hate it or love it but you can’t avoid it on Holi! The Holi colors of are made from oxidized metals and industrial dyes which makes it harmful for the skin and hair. An hour before playing Holi, apply a thick coat of coconut oil on your skin and mustard oil on your hair. How about a smooth skin on which the oil just smears perfectly? Choose Veet Hair Removal Cream which gives you not just smooth, but silky-soft, moisturized and pampered skin.

Sun, sun, go away – The less brighter side of playing holi is that you have to bare the bright spring sun. Apply sunscreen to your body after you’re done with oiling. Make sure that the SPF is waterproof and gel-based so it doesn’t feel sticky. This will keep your skin protected from the sun for about 3-4 hours. Even if you opt for a sleeveless tee you may not worry about tan but what about your under arms? Veet Hair Removal Cream Under-arms Pack gives you smoother and visibly brighter underarms. Enjoy carefree and be splashed by colors.

What’s in the bag – One can never question the size of a woman’s bag! Before heading to the happening holi party in town, make sure safety is your topmost priority. Carry a chilly pepper spray in your bag to ward off the unexpected. Because the external environment is too messy during holi. Also, carry New Veet Sensitive Touch in your bag for situations where you might feel that your eyebrows need a light trim or there’s unwanted facial hair. It helps you make those quick fixes instantly!

To wear or not to wear – What should be your holi dress? Looking for ethnic wear online? Or would you just sport a denim hot pant with your favorite color of tank top? Wear your desirable outfit with confidence! Because you have Veet Cold Wax Strips which pulls out even 1.5 mm short hair and gives you a silky smooth skin up to 28 days. So leave all your hesitation behind and prepare your holi clothes now. Choose whites or colors, preferably cotton clothes will be soothing in the holi sun. From clothes to skin, you needn’t worry. This prep guide will make you holi ready!

Post holi damage control – Getting ready for holi party was quite a task! Now, let’s be prepared for post holi mess. Even after taking precautions there’s some damage done here and there. Book your appointments for hair spa, pedicure, and manicure sessions. But for skin, you needn’t worry. Veet has a great range of products of depilatory products which also help you get rid of dead skin cells. So you are #AlwaysReady with Veet!

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