Beauty tips that will give you a flawless glowing skin

Every woman wonders, ‘How can I get glowing skin? How can my skin be flawless?’ We throw these questions at our skin specialist and dermatologist and hope that they give us a satisfactory answer.

We list the ways in which you can have the smooth and glowing visage that you’ve always wanted:


The first step is to cleanse the skin: your pores can get clogged with dirt. Clogged pores lead to a build-up of bacteria, and soon you get acne, pimples and oiliness. Make sure you clean your skin every day with a mild natural cleansing lotion or face wash, and always rinse your face with cold water. Do this every morning and evening.

Drink water

Water is a magical elixir that can solve many skin problems. Drinking a lot of water and fresh fruit and vegetable juices removes toxins and other impurities from the skin. The body is also cleansed by water and circulatory processes improve. Thus, the body is hydrated and excess oil and dirt are removed.

Removing body hair

Body hair can trap dirt, sweat and oil, and it makes the skin look dull and rough. If you remove the body hair with a good cream or by waxing, your skin will be smooth and radiant for weeks. A good hair removal cream can also hydrate the skin while easily dissolving the unwanted hair on the surface of the skin.

Avoid the sun

The sun is our primary source of essential Vitamin D, and the sunlight between 7am to 9am is considered healthy for the skin. But the sunlight becomes harsh thereafter, so direct exposure must be avoided. The strong UV rays in sunlight can damage the skin and make it vulnerable to different types of skin cancer. Avoid skin exposure to the sun between 10 am and 2 pm, as far as possible.