Bye Bye to Body Hair

Remove Hair Naturally

Body hair can be a real pain to deal with, but you can always find a way around any problems. It’s very common for you to hear woman talk about that annoying bikini line or managing their legs, but it is very rare for you to hear woman talk about other parts of their body that has hair. Though it would be embarrassing, but areas like the stomach, hands, back, and arms can also have hair, and even though you would be slightly uncomfortable discussing the same, there are solutions for everything.

Most areas can be treated with hair removal naturally or with the help of wax, depilatory creams, shaving, tweezer, etc. However, the most crucial thing is considering the most suitable process. Here is how you can bid a goodbye to your body hair.

Back Hair

Shaving is one of the most glorified way of getting rid of body hair mainly because it is a quick way. However, it has the quickest rate of regrowth and not actually the best suited option. If you cut the hair at the surface of the skin, it starts to regrow just in a matter of two days, and one has to keep doing this process regularly in order to maintain it. This causes inconvenience, especially in case of areas that are difficult to reach.

Waxing, on the other hand removes hair from the root and is a long-term method of hair removal that leaves your skin hair-free for weeks. Waxing at home using natural ingredients help in pursing body hair removal naturally. Majority of salons and spas that provide waxing services have back-waxing in their list of services. However, you can get the salon like result at home using Veet waxing strips or hair removal cream. You may also try some home made hair removal mask for hair removal naturally.

Hands and Fingers

Tweezing, although considered as an accurate method of hair removal, can be really time consuming. You could take advantage of Veet Face Precision Wax and Care, which helps in tackling small precise areas on the face and other small areas like back of your fingers. However if you are dealing with a few nagging hair then tweezing is highly effective.


Hair on your arms is similar to hair on your legs, but comparatively softer. Depilatory creams such as Veet are convenient to use in these areas as you can easily apply the cream on and see all the areas clearly. The cream helps in dissolving the hair from just below the surface of the skin, and starts doing its job in as little as three minutes and can be washed off while taking a bath.

Stomach hair (Not as rare as you think)

It is not a rare phenomenon for women to have hair on their stomach. There are certain areas we just don’t like to discuss openly. Wax is the best method to get rid of this kind of hair that leaves you hair-free for weeks at a time and gives you more confidence. The regrowth ends up becoming finer overtime, which makes the waxing experience less uncomfortable the more you do it.

However, if you are pressed on time, one of the most convenient and feasible option out there is Veet wax strips and hair removal cream. Veet affords you with many other options for hair removal. As you can see, if you decide to walk on the hair-removal route, there are a plethora of products available for your needs. All you need to do is take time and understand which option suits you best.