Clearing your pubic area – the best methods to use

Public Hair Removal

Keeping your pubic area hairless is important to you, probably more important than keeping even your arms and legs waxed and smooth. Most women are uncomfortable with hair in their pubic area – they cannot wear swimsuits or very short skirts, and things can get really messy during the menstrual cycle.

However, pubic hair does not cause any health problems, nor are there any known benefits of taking it all off. But if you are determined to keep the pubis smooth and hairless, you can try a number of methods for pubic area hair removal.

Women are slowly but steadily giving up on the method of shaving as razor blade merely cuts the hair from the skins surface. Now, since hair all over the body grows constantly, the pubic hair also grows within just a couple of days. And since the pubic area is a sensitive one, these stumps of rough hair if not removed almost every alternate day can make the skin very prickly and uncomfortable.

But don’t fret, as technology and time has found easier and efficient ways to deal with this situation.

Let us find out what they are and understand how they function.

Hair removal creams

Some women prefer to use depilatory creams for pubic area hair removal. Veet has come up with a range of hair removal creams that is assured to clean the pubic area with least complication and in no time. When you use the right product, depilatory creams are often the best method of hair removal because the process is painless and quick. Test the product on a small patch of skin to check for suitability before you proceed further.

Waxing strips

The faster and effective way to a bikini line which is smoother for longer – is to wax!  Even on a short hair it works close to the root, giving you smoothness for longer duration than shaving – with less complication. You can enjoy up to 4 weeks of smooth bikini area. Veet has introduced a wide variety of waxing strips that can be used easily at your home.  With regular use you’ll see that you get fewer, finer, and softer hair growth.