Hair Removal for men

For many men out there, discussing hair removal is like a taboo. Apart from shaving their face, majority of men don’t spare much thought on their hair removal habits, and end up sticking to set routine. However, this is not a gospel, as there are men who fancy a smooth finish from the chest down. Depending on the body part that you wish to groom, there are variety of methods one can try. These below mentioned points would help you in finding out what could work for you.

Chest Hair

Considered as symbol of manliness all over the world, a chest thick with hair is something many men associate their pride with. However if you are not the one interested in the tousled look, there are different removal methods you can consider. The process of waxing your chest can be a painful option. However, it offers results that lasts up to four weeks, but this can end up being a unnerving commitment if you’re trying to achieve hairless chest for the first time. A brilliant short term solution could be the usage of depilatory cream. This is a perfect option if you are trying to avoid the sting of waxing, and, if you are looking for results that stays for up to 4 days. A great way to try out your new look. The cream functions by dissolving the hair follicle, only at the skin’s surface. It does its job within four minutes, and can be easily be used in the shower as part of your morning chores.

Underarm Hair

Many men prefer to keep their armpits in check. The reasons can range from doing it for aesthetic reasons, or to reduce the fuss, or even decrease the potential odor. Razors are scissors are two options, but they’re a bit difficult to maneuver into place, and can cause potential nicks and scrapes. Again, depilatory creams can get the job done quickly and easily, and will give you a hair free armpits, without the risk of cutting yourself.

Back Hair

With age, back hair becomes more of a problem, and you may notice more hair growing on your shoulder, or above your bottom, as time passes by. Plucking your shoulders is a stress-free solution, but certain areas are difficult to reach. Many men choose to go with electrolysis treatment at a professional salon which helps in taking care of these hair for good. However, this can be an expensive choice, and, you would surely want to think twice before doing anything permanent. Fortunately, depilatory creams are best suited for your back. However, for those difficult-to-reach parts of your back, you may need a helping hand!

 Down Below

Like mentioned in above scenarios, the amount of hair you grow is your personal choice, and there’s no end to the discussion about what suits best down below! While certain parts are easier to shave than others we’d suggest you go with an electric trimmer with safeguard to get a precision cut, at whatever length you like. If you want to completely go bald, then knowing that it is a sensitive area, we suggest you leave it to professionals!


 Veet Hair Removal Cream for Men

Veet for Men Hair Removal Gel Cream is mindfully designed to focus on hair on the arms, legs and underarms. It gives instant results, and smooth skin in as less as four to six minutes. It is perfect for skin types including sensitive, normal and dry skin. Be sure not to leave the cream on for more than six minutes, as this could aggravate your skin.  Also, be wary not to use it on any other part of your body, other than those mentioned on the instructions, and for sensitive areas down below, consider getting some professional help.

Times have changed, and when it comes to the subject of male hair removal, there are a plethora of options. If you are in a mood to rejuvenate your grooming routine, you can consider some of the above mentioned options.