Terms & Conditions

   #FindYourSexy Challenge

Campaign Terms and Conditions:

  1. Employees of the Company, Tik Tok, their respective Affiliates, distributors, agents, employees, their families and immediate relatives are not eligible to participate in the Campaign.
  2. The Campaign is valid for the limited period i.e. from 14/11/19 to 16/11/19 (hereinafter referred to as the “Campaign Period”), only for Indian nationals residing in India who are eighteen or above eighteen years of age.
  3. The Campaign is being run in association with Tik Tok. The Campaign is valid during the Campaign Period. Inorder to participate in the Campaign, participants need to make and upload their dance videos on Tik Tok by using the Campaign Jingle.
  4. Participants are responsible for all content that they submit, post, or otherwise make available to or through the site/page for the Campaign. By doing so, participants represent and warrant to the Company that such content is not confidential and that the Company has all necessary permission to submit, post and otherwise and make available such content. The Company makes no claims to ownership of content that you submit, post and otherwise make available to or through the site/ page, save in the Campaign Jingle.
  5. Participants agree that all rights in the Campaign Jingle are vested in the Company and nothing in the Campaign shall vest any rights in the Campaign Jingle to anyone. Notwithstanding the use of the Campaign Jingle by the participants as part of their entries for the Campaign, participants get no rights in the Campaign Jingle. The participants shall use the Campaign Jingle “as is” and only for the purposes of the Campaign. Participants shall not re-work, re-mix, clip, tweak, modify or otherwise interfere with integrity of the Campaign Jingle or transfer the Campaign Jingle to anyone. Campaign Jingle shall never be used with any content that is indecent, obscene, violent, non compliant with laws, public morality, social order, cultural norms, religious sentiments or the like.
  6. No participation or other fee is required to be paid for participating in the Campaign.
  7. The participant must read and abide by all the terms and conditions before taking part in the Campaign. The participation in the Campaign shall imply that participant has read through and agreed to adhere to the terms and conditions in totality and be bound by them and that his/her participation in the Campaign is at the participant's sole risk and is governed by the terms and conditions herein.
  8. Any incomplete, indecipherable, entry /submission by a participant is liable to be rejected without assigning any reason thereof. Any decision taken by the appointed representatives of the Company for rejecting any entry shall be final and binding and not subject to any dispute or challenge.
  9. The appointed representatives of the Company would select the winners of the Campaign at their sole discretion and the same shall be final, binding and non challengeable.                                 
  10. The selected participant (s) shall be intimated about the decision of the Company and/or further details related to the Campaign through its Facebook page or direct messages by Veet India’s Facebook, Twitter Page, profile, or on their email id, mobile number or address, as the case may be, by not later than 1 Dec. However, there shall be no liability on the Company in the event such intimation/ mail does not reach such participants on any account whatsoever.
  11. 5 selected participant(s) would get a chance to win free passes to the Sunburn Goa 2019 (hereinafter referred to as “Gratification”). Everything related to the Sunburn Festival (hereinafter referred to as “Event”) including, date, time, place, arrangements, safety preparations etc. of the Event, shall solely be subject to discretion of the organizers of the Event and the Company has nothing to do with it. Participants or winners of the Campaign shall have no recourse to the Company with respect to anything related to the Event.
  12. If any winner fails to make it to the Event, Gratification will be forfeited in its entirety or may be passed on to the next winner at the discretion of the Company.
  13. Costs relating to travel from the winner’s place of residence or return air fare or lodging, if applicable, for the winner, to the Event will be borne by the Company. All other expenses not expressly included above will not be borne by the Company or any other agency on the Company’s behalf, and will be the sole responsibility of the Gratification winner.
  14. In case the winner is a minor then the written consent of the legal guardian shall be required.
  15. The Company shall not be liable for any untoward incidents, accidents, cancellations and/or delays in the Event/ train/flights/cars arranged for the winner due to any reason including but not limited to force majeure, logistical problems at the Event/ airports/railway stations/roads etc. and the winner shall not have any claim against the Company for the same and shall be deemed to have availed of his/her Gratification. Company shall not be responsible for any such eventuality and the winner undertakes not to claim any compensation from the Company for the same. 
  16. The redemption of this Gratification is entirely dependent on the Event and discretion of the organizers of the Event, which is beyond the control of the Company.
  17. Gratification under the Campaign shall not be transferable. Mere participation in the Campaign shall not entitle a participant to Gratification.  No other person or agent can claim the Gratification on behalf of the participant.
  18. Multiple entries are not allowed and each participant shall be entitled to make one entry only. Gratification shall be granted only after proper verification, wherein Aadhar/ Pan Card/ Passport/Driving License being the acceptable proof of identity and subject to discretion of the organizers of the Event.
  19. The entries found to be copied, modified or otherwise treated with 'wrongful intent' will be disqualified without further reference. Write ups or entries found to have illegal or offensive content will also be disqualified without further reference and the participants shall be solely liable for any consequences arising therefrom.
  20. The Company does not make any commitment, express or implied, to respond to any feedback, suggestion and, or, queries of the participants or furnish reasons for inclusion and, or, exclusion of any particular entry of the participant at any stage.
  21. In case of any copyright violations or any damages arising out of the entry submitted as part of the Campaign, the onus, responsibility and consequences thereof shall be on the participant.
  22. The Company shall not be responsible in any manner to any one including the participants for the misuse or unauthorized use of the write up/ any entry made by the participant.
  23. At its sole discretion, the Company reserves the right to cancel or postpone the Campaign without giving any communication including due to any Force Majeure conditions or otherwise and the Company shall bear no responsibility for cancellation or postponement of the Campaign.
  24. Subject to any applicable laws (a) All warranties, whether express or implied, are hereby expressly disclaimed by the Company or its Affiliates, directors, officers, partners, employees, consultants, agents etc. under the Campaign or any transactions effected through the Campaign;                                                    (b) No advice or information whether by representations, oral, written, illustrative or pictographic derived through the Campaign or otherwise shall be construed to mean the giving of any warranty of any kind by the Company or its Affiliates, directors, officers, partners, employees, consultants, agents etc. under the Campaign or any transactions effected through the Campaign.
  25. Participants agree that all their pictures, photographs, audio or video clips, submitted entries etc. could be used in the future for promotional purposes by the Company without any royalties being due. Also, acceptance of Gratification constitutes permission to the Company and its agencies to use the winners’ names and/or photographs for purposes of publicity, advertising and/or trade without further compensation or notice.
  26. It is the participant’s responsibility to ensure that their personal details (name, address, contact no., email id etc.) are always updated and accurate in order to be able to receive the information/notification from the Company in time. Winners consent to being contacted on their email id, mobile number, address or social media account, as the case may be, for the purpose of the aforesaid Gratification. The Company will not be responsible for any loss or delay in delivery of communication due to incomplete/ incorrect address provided by the selected participants, technological failure, or for the fault of third party responsible for such intimation.
  27. By participating in the Campaign, the participants agree to supply or provide their personal details (name, address, contact no., email id etc.) and consents to use of their personal details (name, address, email id etc.) by the Company, it’s Affiliates, employees, permitted assigns and agency partners for promotional purposes.
  28. The Company reserves the right: (a) to disqualify any participant /winner if it has reasonable grounds to believe that the participant /winner has breached any of these terms and conditions (b) to decide whether a replacement participant should be selected in the event any participant is disqualified from the Campaign.
  29. The Company shall not be liable for any damage or loss (including but not limited to any indirect or consequential loss) arising from personal injury or death, or loss of, or damage to property, which might be suffered or sustained in connection with the Campaign or arising out of the Event or anything in relation thereto, except to the extent to any liability not excluded by law.
  30. The participant agrees and undertakes to indemnify and keep the Company including its Affiliates, directors, officers, partners, employees, consultants, agents etc. harmless and indemnified against any loss, damage, claims, costs and expenses including but not limited to legal fees and other charges which may be incurred or suffered by the Company due to breach of any Terms and Conditions contained herein by the participant and/or infringement or violation of any patent, copyright, trademark, trade secret or other proprietary right of a third party by the participant and, or, arising from the participation of the participant in the Campaign.
  31. The participant shall not be entitled to any cash prize under the Campaign. The Gratification under the Campaign, has no monetary value, is not for sale or resale, non-transferable, non-refundable and cannot be exchanged / redeemed for cash or any other item.
  32. Any taxes/ levies and charges on Gratifications won under the Campaign shall be the responsibility of the winner. All incidental costs & efforts related to the Gratification will have to be borne by the winners only.
  33. Nothing in the Campaign shall affect any intellectual property rights of the Company in any product, which may be the subject matter of the Campaign.
  34. These terms and conditions are governed in accordance with the laws of India. All disputes in regard to the Campaign shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Courts in New Delhi alone.