Electric Trimmer

For a modern woman, it is difficult to spare time for frequent salon visits owing to their busy lifestyles. The new Veet Sensitive Touch body hair trimmer gives you the precise look that you always desired. It seamlessly shapes the hair all over your sensitive body parts such as face, bikini line and underarms. With Veet Sensitive Touch Beauty Hair Trimmer, it is easy to get rid of unwanted hair in one go without any fear of knicks and cuts, all under the comfort of your home. The electric trimmer comes with a wide Range of accessories, which include precision head, bikini head, comb, beauty cap, cleaning brush, beauty pouch and AA battery.

Some unmatched features of this body hair trimmer are:

● Quick and Gentle: Easily remove any unwanted hair in one go
● Waterproof: Can be used under shower
● Gentle hair removal: Precise shaping for delicate body parts. Ideal for upper lips, side burns and eyebrows.
● Ideal for quick touch-ups on the go
● High Precision: Adjustable eyebrow head with dedicated accessories for precise shaping and styling