6 Tips for Staying Acne free After Wax

Who doesn’t want an acne-free skin after waxing? Although there are numerous after wax care and waxing tips out on the internet void, one should list out the important ones. Let’s find out what post-wax care we should indulge in.

  1. Avoid Oils

If you’re looking to have acne-free skin, you might want to avoid oils on acne-prone areas after you wax. Though oils can benefit your skin, it can also clog your pores after waxing.

And eventually, clogged pores can lead to pimples.

Hence, you’ll want to get some oil-free moisturisers. Some people choose aloe vera to tend to their skin. These natural moisturisers are great because they relieve irritation after you’ve waxed.

  1. Don’t Exercise too soon afterwards

Waxing is a part of numerous beauty routines. For most of us, exercise is important as well. If we want to stay acne-free, however, we shouldn’t mix the two elements of our routines.

The sweat which is released by our skin can cause unappealing breakouts.

Hence, you should postpone your intense workout for a few days before you wax your skin. If you exercise soon after waxing, make it a light session. This will keep the sweat you produce to a minimum.

  1. Clean the area again

Post wax care is the key! You must always clean your skin before and after waxing. After waxing, the area becomes more susceptible. The skin needs time to recover.

Thus, you need to take care of your skin immediately. An antiseptic substance like aloe vera should help prevent infection, thereby averting pimples.

  1. Don’t wear tight clothes

Wearing tight clothing damagingly affects your skin in multiple ways. Tight clothes won't allow your skin to breathe. It means that all of the sweat and dirt that accumulate under tight clothing goes into your skin.

That build-up might eventually lead to acne. That’s particularly true right after you’ve removed unwanted hair from that skin.

  1. Wax on a schedule

Waxing on a schedule will ensure that your skin gets used to the process.

Missing the scheduled waxing will reset the skin, and it'll again take some time for the skin to adjust to the process. And that adjustment period might escalate skin irritations and rashes. This is why it’s so crucial to get your skin on a schedule.

  1. Don’t pop those pimples

Acne can be kept in control if you don’t let it spread. And how do you do that?


Touching or popping a pimple every now and then might be addictive, but it only spreads bacteria. Popping one might just give birth to a new one nearby. Instead of squeezing them, just apply some sort of cold compress or a natural mask that tones down the pimples.

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Well, we hope these home waxing tips help. Now, just enjoy being acne-free. Feel free to flaunt your newly waxed and flawless skin.