Using Razors for Hair Removal? Think Again!

We come across this question almost every month – razors or wax? Our choice depends upon the pain tolerance, our mood or even the amount of time we had before a big party. It has always been suggested that shaving is painless and quick, but using a razor has its cons too.

Let us find out!

  1. Faster hair growth

Waxing involves yanking the hair from its roots, whereas a razor cuts them mid-way. Razors for women is a convenient option, yet it takes a toll on your skin. Shaving thickens the hair because you never really uproot them, you just cut them from a surface.

  1. Sensitive skin types

Using a razor is not always suitable for all skin types. Extra sensitive skin can easily get irritated by the use of a razor since razors remove a very thin layer of your skin during hair removal.

  1. Dark spots

Constant usage of razors causes red or dark spots which is definitely a disadvantage of shaving body hair. If you use a razor on a regular basis, you will get rid of hair on the surface of your skin and not from the roots, which can leave dark spots. You can also get red and itchy skin after shaving and not moisturizing your skin enough.

  1. Hair grows back quickly

The hairless skin after body hair removal by shaving can only last for a week, maximum. After shaving, hair tends to grow faster, coarser and drier.

  1. Irritation and pimples

After shaving, the hairs grow back a little thicker. But this is only temporarily, so when you need to shave it again after a few days, it can cause irritation, redness or even pimples in extremely sensitive areas.

  1. Not the safest

Using a razor might not be very safe. While using a razor, you can accidentally hurt or harm yourself if the blade is too sharp or when you're not paying attention.

Alternat hair removal options:

If you still use razors for hair removal, you might need to consider using Veet products as an alternative option.

Veet’s Ready-to-Use Wax Strips can give you hair-free smooth skin for up to four weeks. Veet Cold Wax Strips work on body hair in just three simple steps – peel, apply and pull.

But if you are looking for a quick and painless way to rid your body of unwanted hair, you should try Veet Hair Removal Cream. The Veet cream formula weakens the hair just below the surface so the spatula can easily break them off. The cream is specially formulated to give you smooth, silky skin. You can have hairless skin for up to twice the time that shaved hair takes to come back.

Using Veet is extremely easy. Just follow the instructions on the packaged box and watch our instructional videos to help you get the best results.