Hair Removal while Pregnant

Pregnancy is a life-changing experience for every woman. But with all the major changes – and so many things to avoid doing and eating – it comes as a relief to know that pregnancy need not interfere with your beauty routine. You must certainly avoid some products and chemical-ridden substances, but by and large you can continue with your usual hair removal technique and even get pedicures and head massages. Since waxing is not advisable, you don’t have to compromise on your grooming needs, and you can do hair removal with Veet hair removal cream

Pregnancy and Hair Growth

Your body goes through many physical changes during pregnancy, so that it can give your baby a snug home. Many pregnant women report the appearance of darker, thicker hair on the body during pregnancy – and hair sprouts up in unexpected places, too. You might be alarmed at this discovery, but it is quite normal. Hormonal changes trigger this hair growth, apart from increased blood-flow and higher metabolism. But you can certainly use a safe hair removal option that helps you look and feel well-groomed during the time. The best news is that these changes are often temporary, and they diminish within the first six months after your child is born.


You can experience the sprouting of hair on the upper lip, thicker brows, and even new hair around the nipples. These stand-alone hairs can be nipped quite easily – and literally – with a pair of tweezers. They offer precise control and quick removal. Plus, you don’t need any other products and chemicals that may harm or irritate your skin, particularly in sensitive areas like the nipples.


You must maintain good health during your pregnancy, and staying hydrated is an important step in this direction. You cannot get overheated, especially in the hot summer months. You can feel cooler by removing some of the fuzz on your body, and shaving is a quick way to do this. But be warned that your hair might grow back much quicker and rougher when you are pregnant, which means that you may have to shave twice as often. Do take extra care when shaving in the shower, because you might be a little ungainly during this time!

Depilatory Creams

Depilatory creams are some of the best options for removing hair on the legs, underarms, and bikini-lines. Plus, there is no pain or discomfort, such as in waxing, and the hair stays away longer as compared to shaving. Most depilatory creams can be used during this time, but be sure to consult your doctor before you buy the hair removal cream. The doctor can study the ingredients in the cream and suggest alternatives, too. If you are concerned about skin irritation and sensitivity during your pregnancy, you can use a cream formulated for sensitive skin. If you have trouble bending over or feel too heavy to move around, you can enlist the help of a salon aesthetician to remove the hair using your cream, or a trusted family member. Veet Hair removal creams are safe to use during your bath as well. When it comes to beauty, there is never a one-size-fits-all approach that works equally well for every woman. But these happy months can be made happier with safe hair removal options that help you look your best.