Hair today, gone today!

Don’t turn a hair this Women’s Day – quite literally – as you get party hearty with the smoothest arms and legs.

It’s your day to shine, and shine you can, with that gorgeous new dress, a stunning pair of pumps, a new clutch and oodles of attitude. You’re going to party tonight, so you take a relaxing bath and slowly shampoo and condition your hair. Now you look just like a queen who’s about to let her hair down – but wait, are you about to literally let your hair down?

Did you check if your arms and legs need some de-hairing of their own? You take a quick peek at your arms and legs and realise that you urgently need a wax. But uh oh, there is hardly any time on your hands! You know your friendly salon is not going to be friendly enough to give you a last minute appointment. So should you cover up in trousers and a long sleeved shirt?

Why panic if you have Veet wax strips on hand?

Veet – your best friend on Women’s Day

When it’s a last minute dash to the finish line, in terms of being completely ready to head out the door, you can only trust Veet to get you the best results. Just reach out for a box of Veet wax strips and get started. You will be done in just a few minutes, as well!

Veet wax strips can be used on the arms, legs, underarms and bikini line. Simply remove the adhesive strip off the wax, apply the wax strip firmly on your skin, grasp the pull away tab and pull the strip in one smooth motion against the direction of hair. See how easily the hair comes away in just one pull? Besides, you can use one strip about three to four times before taking a fresh one.

Work methodically on your arms and legs, taking care to remove any stragglers and stubborn hair with tweezers if they don’t come off easily.

Or if you’re too squeamish for waxing, try Veet’s hair removal cream. It’s a painless method of hair removal and it starts working on the skin the second it is applied. Use the spatula provided to apply the cream evenly, then wait for the prescribed time. Remove as directed to reveal the smoothest skin on your arms and legs.

Voila! You are now ready to celebrate your special day – with a little help from Veet!