How to Wax Your Armpits: Step by Step Guide

Under Arm Waxing

We live a hectic life. Our underarms bear the brunt of everything- right from tight clothes and harsh deodorants to carry bags and backpacks. The severe weather too does not spare them. They are very vulnerable to sweating which can result in odour as well as sweat stains on your clothes. Add to this an unshaved mop of hair, it just makes the scenario worse. Besides, hair peeking out from your armpits can make the most beautiful sundress look unappealing. This is why underarm waxing is in demand in the market.

Why underarm waxing?

Underarm waxing removes armpit hair from the root. Hence, it adds to your skin’s glow, as well as keeps the skin hair-free for more than four weeks. 

Is going to the salon actually the best way to get rid of your armpit hair?

When looking for best ways to remove armpit hair, booking an appointment at a salon that offers armpit waxing near you might seem to be the easy way out. Salons typically offer you a choice between sugaring and hot waxing for armpit hair removal. However, both have their cons. Sugaring can be very painful and not suitable for many. Hot waxing can cause burns and is also messy. Also, some people are apprehensive about visiting the salon for underarm hair removal, while others might have time constraints. Keeping this in mind, Veet has come out with Ready-to-use wax strips that make waxing underarms at home easy and convenient. An alternative to other types of armpit hair removal wax, the strips are easy to use and safe.

5 steps for waxing underarms at home-

  • Hold the strips using the pull tabs and slowly peel it apart.
  • Apply the sticky part of the strip onto your skin, ensuring that the pull tab is pointed in the direction of hair growth. Smooth the strip repeatedly onto your skin in the same direction.
  • Holding the pull tab and in one swift motion, pull the strip back on itself against the direction of hair growth in one quick motion. Hold your skin taut to avoid discomfort while underarm waxing. Repeat until the strip loses its stickiness.
  • When you are done with waxing your armpits, remove any excess wax with the perfect finish wipe provided in the box. See the leaflet inside for more details and instructions for bikini and underarm. 

The simplicity and convenience is what makes using the ready-to-use wax strips one of the best ways to remove armpit hair.

Keep these tips in mind before you dive into the armpit wax:

  • Before using the strips for waxing armpits, patch-test on a small area of your skin which you wish to treat. Follow the instructions on the leaflet, and if there is no adverse reaction within 24 hours, you can use the product.
  • Keep the strip on your skin for the specified time, before you pull it off.
  • You can use the strips thrice for waxing armpits before it loses its stickiness.
  • You can even cut them to the required size for those harder to reach or more delicate areas.
  • Hair grows in two different directions under your arms, so remember that you need to apply the product in two different stages for each direction of hair growth.
  • No one wants to deal with ingrown hair! So remember to exfoliate 24 hours before armpit hair removal and wear loose clothing afterwards to prevent hair ingrowth.
  • To maintain beautiful underarms and avoid irritation, don’t use scented products (like deodorants), go swimming, sunbathe or use a tanning bed for at least 24 hours after armpit hair removal.

If you want more information, use the ‘Find your Veet’ tool to discover all the options available for waxing underarms at home.