Ingrown Pubic Hair: Removal and Post-wax Care


Ingrown pubic hair is a widespread problem because the hairs in the bikini zone are thicker and curlier than hairs on any other part of your body. Hence, there's more of a chance the hair will grow inside the skin instead of out. The thicker hairs are, the sharper the tip, and the more quickly it's able to pierce through the skin. Curly hairs also have a natural bend, which makes them twist and turn inside the skin. When these factors are put together, you have a high probability of having an ingrown pubic hair.

And, if all this sounds obnoxious, that's because it is. Ingrown hairs can be unpleasant, repulsive, and even harmful if they become severely infected.

However, you're not always prone to ingrown hairs. With a little prevention and knowledge, you can have the best of both worlds: a soft, hair-free bikini line without bumps.

Hair Removal

The best way to remove ingrown hairs is to remove them from their roots. And the method is waxing. Veet's Ready-to-use wax strips are a product of efficiency and carefully designed formula. If you want a salon smooth and hair-free skin effortlessly at home, then these ready-to-wax strips are perfect for you. These wax strips help you get soft, exfoliated skin in just a few swift movements. You don't need any complicated waxing equipment or need to prepare for any appointments. These wax strips are mess-free and pull out the hairs from their roots. You can do this hair removal from the comfort of your own house.


  • Veet wax strips exfoliate the skin and provide extreme smoothness for up to 3-4 weeks
  • The strips have Shea butter that moisturises the skin while giving out a pleasant fragrance
  • The Easy Grip™ tab helps you to get a good grip on the tab properly before pulling it off
  • The strips work on short hair too, and with regular use, you get softer, finer hair that takes longer to grow back
  • Veet wax strips are ready to use and are great for touch-ups
  • Veet wax strips are designed to work on areas such as the cheeks, upper lip and chin
  • The wax strips are suitable for sensitive skin as well
  • Veet wax strips can be used on hair just 1.5mm or longer, so there is less waiting time in between consecutive waxing sessions


Post Hair Removal Care

Taking care of your skin will also prevent ingrown pubic hairs, regardless of whatever hair removal method you choose. The old adage that "prevention is better than cure" seems particularly right when your clothes are chafing against your newly shaved bikini line.

You should exfoliate the area often. Regular removal of dead skin cells helps keep hairs pointing up instead of growing on dry patches. Usually, you must exfoliate the area at least once a week. However, the ideal recurrence depends on your skin type, the other waxing products you use, how often you wax, and the weather. You can try using a towel instead of harsh products to exfoliate, but avoid anything particularly coarse.

The most common You also want to moisturise frequently. Make sure you use a deep moisturising lotion after showering, so skin stays soft and pliable. When skin is smooth, it's not as easy of ground for the hair to breakthrough. Keep yourself well hydrated from the inside by drinking water throughout the day.

Watching the clothes you wear is also essential. Any fitted clothing around your bikini zone over the first few hours after shaving can encourage the hair to grow back into the skin.