Keep your Legs Smoother for Longer

With summer heading our way in a couple of months, it’s time to start thinking about replacing those tight fitting jeans with shorts and floaty skirts. It’s pretty obvious to say that you would want sexy smooth legs to go with them! Keeping your legs in good shape will make sure that you look and feel great, but as we all know, maintaining our pins all summer is an extremely daunting task.

There are many methods for hair removal but which one would help in keeping your legs smooth for the longest period?

Cream Depilation

Another well-known technique is depilation which uses cream to weaken the hair at the base. That way, when you remove the cream off after 5 to 10 minutes, all the hair comes along with it. This is a great choice for people with low tolerance for pain and it lasts for the same time as shaving. It means you can stay away from accidental razor cuts and it can be easily done at home


This is a commonly used technique to get rid of those unwanted hair from your legs. You can get your hands on ready to use strips from Veet, and do it yourself from the comfort of your home. It may take a little longer than shaving but you can roam hairless for 2-4 weeks! Make sure that you exfoliate at least twenty – four hours before, to ward off ingrown hairs and keep your leg silky smooth.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

If you are talking about long lasting hair removal, IPL has to be mentioned, but as in the case of everything even IPL has its pros and cons. It is cheap compared to laser, and functions in a similar way, with some advantages. IPL can permanently reduce hair growth*, and even though it might take more sessions than other treatments, like laser, it can be done from the comfort of your home.  

Laser Hair Removal

Apart from IPL, we also have laser hair removal procedure that works by destroying the hair follicle, this time with a strong beam of light. The treatment is considered less painful. However, you can expect some re-growth with laser hair removal. Both IPL and laser hair removal are not suitable for every skin types, so it is highly suggested that you consult a healthcare professional or beautician  to understand the risk involved in each procedure.

Some of these procedures work better for one person over another irrespective of how long they last, so suit yourself! Everyone will have their personal favorite, and it is best to stick with whatever suits you best. Whichever procedure you follow, be sure to moisturize your legs afterwards and keep your skin hydrated by drinking lots of water. Once you are done, why not pamper yourself with a pedicure and new pair of shoes, which will help you achieve that perfect look!