Love your Pits! Let's Talk Armpit Hair

When we think about unwanted hair on the body, the first image that pops into our minds is that of a pair of hairy legs. It is quite rare to think of excess hair in the armpits or the pubic region. In recent times, the taboo surrounding hair in the private regions of the body is beginning to lessen somewhat, with movements such as #freethenipple and #dyedpits gathering momentum across the globe.

But most women are still not prepared to sport a clump of armpit hair. Before we suggest ways to remove the hair, let’s look at why the armpits have hair and why the skin in the area must be handled carefully.

The Science Behind It

First off, why do we have hair in the armpits? The Internet throws up many answers to this question: there are many factors, such as armpit hair reduces the friction between our arms and the body, and they also help keep the body’s temperature regulated by allowing sweating. Through the ages, though, having smooth and hair-free underarms has become the norm.

Sensitivity and Solutions

The underarm skin is delicate and sensitive, so the hair removal method one chooses is important. Many women routinely shave the armpits. But shaving is not an ideal solution – the hair grows back quickly, the stubble is rough and sharp, and there is a chance of getting nicks and cuts as well.

Another short-term hair removal solution is using depilatory creams. Veet BodyCurv Hair Removal Cream is designed for sensitive skin, with its curves applicator which takes your underarm contours into account. Despite this, we recommend that you conduct a patch test with the cream just to make sure. The cream dissolves the hair’s keratin just below the surface of skin, so that the hair becomes soft and can be removed easily. The results are long term compared to shaving, but shorter than those of waxing.

Yet another method is waxing, which removes hair from the root. The hair is pulled out entirely, so it takes up to four weeks to grow back. You can use the Veet Easy Wax Electrical Roll On, designed to move into the curvy contours of your underarms quite easily. But make sure your hair has grown to a certain length or the wax may not be able to grip the hair as well as it should.

Love your pits!

Our attitudes towards beauty and fashion keep changing. Also the range of hair removal products is immense. So whether you grow your hair or remove it, it is important to love your body the way it is – and that includes loving your pits. .