Summer Lovin’

If you like to bare all (okay, nearly all!) at the beach, you need to make sure that you are ready to bare yourself. This means that your body must be free of all body hair and be totally smooth, ready for a swimsuit! But that seems easier said than done in the summer – this season can make it difficult to prepare yourself. Let’s try with the best products, shall we?


The days of full length Victorian bathing suits are long gone, so it means you are about to don sexy bikinis and gorgeous monokinis at the beach. This also means that your legs must be completely hairless and smooth. Ditch your razor in the days leading up to summer, and opt for a depilatory cream instead. Shaving is quick and easy, but a depilatory cream works by breaking down the proteins in the hair, so the hair dissolves on the skin’s surface. Since creams don’t cut off the hair, they don’t leave any rough edges nor do they make the hair grow back in a thick stubble. The hair grows back softer and finer, and is less visible as well. You can use a depilatory cream in the comfort of your home, particularly in the shower. 

Underarm and Bikini

You get a huge variety of bathing suits, some more daring than others. This just means that you need to be mindful of how much body hair you need to take off based on the swimsuit you buy. If you have a bikini bottom with deep leg cuts, you might consider taking off more hair from your bikini line so that no straggly ones peep out!  

Depilatory creams are a good option, but the best method for a hairless summer body is waxing. You might need to grow your hair a bit more before you wax – about 5 mm or more – but if you use Veet wax strips, the hair can be as short as 2 mm. Waxing keeps the hair away for up to four weeks, so that you may not need to remove hair for the duration of your holiday. 

What’s more, you can get soft, hair-free skin from your home – there’s no need to go to a salon if you have our Wax Strips with Easy Grip. These are specially designed for the underarms and bikini zone, so you can get some really awesome results right at home. The wax is specially designed for sensitive skin these areas, and it comprises almond oil and Vitamin E. These ingredients moisturise the skin as they work, leaving you with soft, touchable skin for days.