Top Tips for Smooth Legs

During summer season, we all wish to feel confident enough to flaunt our smooth legs. The reason being warm weather brings tons of outdoor activities like BBQs, music festivals, and trips to the beach! Having hair free legs is like winning half the battle, the main stress lies in keeping them smooth and shiny after the hair removal. With the help of a little TLC, you can strut your stuff for a longer duration.


Irrespective of the hair removal method you adopt, preparing your legs is very crucial to get them in good nick before your treatment. It’s an excellent idea to exfoliate, focusing on tough areas like your knees and ankles in order to keep your legs from flaky skin. This can reduce the chances of you getting ingrown hairs, and will also let the wax stick to your hair than any dead skin, leaving you with smoother results. You can invest in an exfoliating scrub, or exfoliation gloves that will help you to scrub away at all areas of your body.

Water temperature

Another option is to make sure that you are not using really hot water for washing, as this can dehydrate your skin and increase the chances of razor burn. Obviously, you don’t need to use ice cold water either. A warm wash will be the perfect choice, as this temperature would help open your pores, exposing the hair nearer to the follicle.


By now you would have learnt that shaving, waxing and depilatory creams are the most well-known methods for removing unwanted hairs on your legs.  If you wish to use depilatory creams, make sure you read the instructions. You don’t want to leave them on your skin for a long time as it can damage your skin. Also make sure that you do a patch skin test 24 hours prior to you applying the cream over a large area. This is to figure out if you are allergic to the chemicals in the cream. If you choose to shave, then we suggest that you replace your razor as often as possible, otherwise a blunt blade would leave you with a dissatisfactory result. Waxing is another great at-home choice, especially if you want long-lasting results than creams or shaving. In case of waxing, ensure that you read the care label carefully, and with hot wax, never heat the wax more than the prescribed temperature.


Once you are done with hair removal, rinse thoroughly to remove excess gel, wax, or cream. This would be a perfect time for you to come under some good light to check if you have accidentally missed any areas. It is always embarrassing for you to find a patch of unwanted hair when you are out and about in public!


In case of dry legs, it is always a good idea to apply a rich moisturizer or body butter. Apply a considerable amount and be sure to target those dry areas to help nourish the skin and lock in the moisture. Apply some on your legs at night – it will soak in overnight, letting you start the day with silky legs!