Waxing as part of your Beauty Regime

As women, each one of us have our own morning chores that we religiously follow before we leave for work. In order to prepare ourselves for the day ahead, it’s straight into the shower as soon as we abandon our beloved bed! Let us shed some light on some of the most popular steps included in our regimes.

Drink Water
The perfect way to jump-start your day on your way to the shower is by drinking a large glass of water to keep yourself hydrated. Water helps in making your skin glow and keep it looking its best. Try to drink at least six to eight glasses of water throughout the day to make sure that you stay hydrated.

Hair Removal
Occasionally, you would have to do a little bit of hair removal to do, depending on the technique you choose. Sometimes it’s just a warm day and you fancy getting your legs out or maybe you just want to get rid of some regrowth. A perfect method to remove hair at home is by using cold wax strips as they are simple to use and it leaves behind no mess for you to clean up. You just to have to apply the strips to the essential area, hold the skin taut and pull the strips away. The hair stays stuck on the strips, so you can straight put them in a trash can once you are done. Using wax to get rid of hair gives you smoother results for a longer duration, meaning you don’t have to remove hair often. Follow usage instructions & precautions as directed on pack & leaflet.

Lather a suitable shampoo in to your hair, ensuring that you massage it into the scalp too. Also, apply conditioner for a few minutes, which will help in keeping your hair smooth, soft, and easier to untangle. It is not a compulsion for you to wash your hair every single day so try doing this every two to three days.

Once you are done with the shower, take some time out to dry your body and follow it with giving your hair a rough blow dry with the help of a hair dryer. When you are ready to beautify your face, start with tying your hair back with a hair band so that it stays out of your way. Use a good moisturiser that will help you rehydrate your skin, helping in keeping your skin soft and supple during the day time.

Make Up & Nails
Treat your eyes with a sweep of mascara and a flick of eyeliner to give it a bold definition, maybe even a dash of lipstick to get that complete look. Everyone has their signature look, so whatever yours is, try not to do things in haste and end up with smudges or make-up mishaps!

Now begins the fun part – bringing your look together! Style your hair fittingly – if you are on your way to office, a simple plait would look smart or a ponytail,l but if you are off to meet your friends for a movie then try out something a little more fun, may be some loose curls or an up do!

Now pick out a stellar outfit to wear. If you mornings are generally filled with hustle bustle, try selecting your outfit the night before. Ensure that you pick something that you’re comfortable and confident wearing.

End your morning routine by spraying your favourite perfume, pack your bag and you’re ready to go!