Waxing with Precision

Everybody has some amount of hair on their body, including on their face. But some have more body hair than others. This is completely natural, but some women choose to remove those embarrasing facial hair. The question is: Which is the best way to do this?

What Not to Do

Never shave your face. Ever. The blades strip away all the essential oils on your skin, thus upsetting its moisture balance. The blades also slice through the hair, leaving them rough and stubbly. The regrowth is scratchy, and often bluish or greenish in colour! Were you really aiming for this look?

Waxing Lyrical

Waxing is the best option for facial hair, since it removes hair from the root and it grows back fine after several days. Regular waxing makes the incidence of regrowth less and less. However, it can get difficult to wax some areas of the face with precision. Hence, Face Wax Strips are a great solution, as they are easy to use, and can be cut to the size you want. However, there is a way that provides even more precision.

Remarkable Precision

Veet has developed the Face Precision Wax & Care. Specially designed for facial hair removal, the easy to use tube lets you apply wax precisely on different areas of your face. You can even target your upper lip and chin, getting every single hair. Because facial skin is very delicate, the Precision Wax & Care comes with Aloe Vera soothing aftercare cream.

But this product really strikes the big leagues when it comes to shaping unruly eyebrows. The high level of precision it affords can help you get swooping curves and dramatic arches, so you can be a demure Grace Kelly or an arch Audrey Hepburn with your eyebrows.

So the next time you want to clear the fuzz off your face, start by moisturising the skin and using this product to get the best ever results.