What’s the best way to remove unwanted hair?

Remove Unwanted Hair

If you want to remove unwanted hair, you have to choose the most effective hair removal method that suits your lifestyle and skin type. You might even think of how to remove unwanted hair permanently, but that is a different ball-game altogether. Veet has several hair removal products that can meet your different needs, including hair removal creams which are an efficient and easiest way to remove unwanted hair. Or you can opt for Veet Cold Wax Strips, a method for removing unwanted hair, which give long-lasting salon-like results right at home.

A Common Cosmetic Concern

Many women have thick hair so if you do too, it is not a cause for concern. People even search for how to remove unwanted hair from face, which itself is something entirely different. Your ethnicity and hereditary also play a role in the thickness, density and colour of your hair. Even such factors as hormonal levels, skin type and age may lead to differences in male and female body hair.

A Short-Term Solution

If you hate the sight of hair on your body, you can try an unwanted hair removal solution that works for your lifestyle and skin type. However, there are very few ways to remove unwanted hair permanently. There are some quick solutions like using depilatory creams or shaving that can offer good results. You can use it quite easily as part of your regular grooming routine, and even while taking a shower. It is especially good for thicker body hair because shaving directly cuts across the hair, making it brittle and rough-edged. The regrowth is coarse to the touch. Meanwhile, depilatory creams dissolve the hair at the skin’s surface and make it easier to remove. The regrown hair has a smoother, finer tip, so it does not feel coarse to the touch.

Getting to the Root

Though shaving is convenient, it does not stop the hair from growing back in just a couple of days. This is not ideal. A longer term solution is waxing, which is as effective on thick hair as it is on finer body hair. Plus, it keeps body hair away for up to four weeks. But, it is a more painful measure, especially if not done correctly, because it pulls hair out from the roots. Fortunately, you can choose to make the waxing experience hassle-free. Veet Cold Wax strips are ready to use wax strips, which unlike salon wax, doesn’t require additional heating and are less painful than the salon wax. They can be used anytime and anywhere and you don’t have to face the hassles of booking a salon appointment. And it also lets you learn how to remove unwanted hair from private parts.

You can opt for Veet Cold Wax Strips, which offer a convenient, quick and mess-free solution to body hair. The wax strip cannot grip oily, sweaty skin. These are pre coated wax strips. Apply the strip on the direction of hair growth, and rub it firmly into place. Now hold the grip tab and pull the strip away in one quick motion, against the direction of hair growth. Reapply the same strip on different parts of the skin at least twice more, or till it becomes less sticky.

But if you want a completely pain-free hair removal solution, then you should opt for Veet hair removal cream. The cream efficiently removes unreachable stubborn hair all over your legs, arms, underarms as well as bikini line. The new Veet 5 in 1 hair removal creams provides 5 in 1 skin benefits, It moisturises, smoothens, exfoliates, freshens and brightens. Safe and easy to use, Veet hair removal creams only requires 5 minutes for an efficient hair removal.

How to use Veet Creams to remove Unwanted Hair From Body:

  • Wash the skin and dry it thoroughly.
  • Apply the cream on the skin and wait for up to 3 minutes. Veet hair removal creams are available as per skin type, so do pick the right one.
  • After applying the cream, the hair becomes jelly-like. This does not cause you any discomfort.
  • At the end of 3 to 5 minutes (refer to the pack for exact usage time), wipe off the cream with a damp flannel or sponge.
  • Wash the skin with cool water. Do not apply any lotions on the skin for up to 24 hours. Try not to expose the skin to direct sunlight, or chlorine in swimming pools, etc.

What you need to know about unwanted hair removal

You have hair all over your body, but except for your head, you don’t want it to be visible elsewhere. As mentioned above, you can use waxing or depilation to remove unwanted hair. However, there are a few points of caution you must exercise while doing unwanted hair removal:

  • Wax strips/ creams may be used on the bikini line only, and not in the genital or anal area. You can take a Brazilian wax appointment if you want to be completely hair-free down there.
  • You can choose a depilation cream that suits your skin type. Veet hair removal cream has several variants: Herbal (Nikhaar), sensitive skin, dry skin and normal skin. Be sure to conduct a patch test 24 hours before hair removal, to check if the product has any adverse reaction on the skin.
  • Never wax or depilate cut or broken skin. Similarly, trim the hair if it is too long (longer than 7 mm) to ensure easier hair removal.
  • Post hair-removal, do not apply any scented products on the skin. Apply an ice pack if the skin is red or sore, and wear loose cotton clothing that does not cling to the skin. Avoid tanning beds, swimming and direct sun exposure for at least 24 hours after hair removal.