What to Do When You Can’t Go to Your Waxing Appointment


If only we could snap our fingers and get rid of unwanted body hair. And in these unpredictable times, hair removal at salons is a big no. Hence, hair removal at home.

For people working from home, it is a must to look presentable and feel good for client calls or even video calls with friends. Since most public places and gatherings are called off, this is also the time to try different ways and tips for body and facial hair removal at home.

How to Do Hair Removal at Home?

Removing unwanted hair at home is easy if you follow the simple steps that lead to effective hair removal.

1. Clean skin

You always want to start on a fresh slate. Clean your skin with soap in the bath or shower to remove any bacteria. Also, clean away any grime that could cause folliculitis or other irritating bumps, especially when taking out thicker hair.

2. Exfoliate

Exfoliating helps in eliminating dead skin cells that are accumulated around the follicles so you can remove hair efficiently.

To keep irritation at bay, avoid chemical-induced exfoliation products before shaving, waxing, or using a depilatory cream. Stick to clean loofahs or even a gentle body scrub. 

3. Perform hair removal

Each hair removal method requires its own technique. If you are waxing, you’ll want to work on dry skin.

A light powdering can help keep extra moisture at bay. If you are using a depilatory cream, apply it to normal skin. If you are using a trimmer for long hair, make sure you cut them in the same short length so that the trimmer efficiently trims them in same lengths.

4. Post-removal pampering

Pampering your skin after hair removal is vital to prevent infection, itching, and other irritations that larger hair follicles cause. And, moisturizing is key!

Hair Removal of Certain Areas:

1. Hand hair removal at home:

Hands are the most exposed part of our body. In our day-to-day to life, they are subjected to pollution, heat and dirt. Often, our hands are tanned due to the constant heat they are subjected to. When you cannot go to the salon, you wonder how to remove hand hair at home.

The first step to an efficient hand hair removal is exfoliation.

And if you want a painless hair removal at home, you should opt for Veet’s Hair Removal Creams. These are available for various skin types, and depilatory is a quick way to get smooth skin.

2. Leg hair removal at home:

Who doesn’t want that silky feeling of hairless legs in these summers? And you can achieve that at home.

Leg hairs are thick and coarse. The most optimal techniques to remove these hairs are waxing or depilatory creams. Once you start waxing leg hair on a regular basis, they grow back thinner or not at all. The most painless way to have leg hair removal at home is hair removal creams. They are non-messy, available for skin types and remove each and every hair.

3. Hair removal for bikini area:

It is now easier to have smooth, hair-free skin and that too under 3-6 minutes, thanks to depilatory creams. Depilatory creams are the quickest and easy ways to remove unwanted bikini hairs at home. The creams act primarily on your hair, hence making it easier just to remove them with a spatula. Just apply, wait and wipe it off.

Or you can just trim it with Veet’s Electric Trimmer equipped with a bikini head.

4. Upper lip hair removal at home:

Use Veet’s Ready To Use Face Precision Waxing Kit to effectively remove all your upper lip hair in one go. The strips are smaller in size so that they can easily fit on your upper lips. After waxing, wipe your upper lip area with the Perfect Finish Wipes provided in the box. Dab a bit of powder on your upper lip region before applying the wax strip so that the wax has a strong grip on your hairs.

5. Eyebrow shaping at home:

No one wants to be seen with bushy eyebrows or a uni-brow. Now that the salons are shut down, the only thing you can do is shape your eyebrows at home.

One of the safest and reliable ways to shape your eyebrows is trimming. One of the most sought after trimmers is Veet’s Electric Trimmer. Equipped with an adjustable eyebrow precision head, this trimmer is highly efficient in shaping up your eyebrows.

Methods of hair removal:

1. Waxing:

Veet has formulated a product that keeps hot wax and its burns away from your skin. With a wide range of Ready To Use Wax Strips, Veet has made waxing easy. The cold wax strips come for all skin types with ingredients such as Almond oil, Shea Butter and Aloe vera. Veet enables waxing in three simple steps – peel, apply and pull.

2. Depilatory Creams:

Time and again, women with low pain tolerance have chosen depilatory creams over anything. These creams work on the hairs and remove them from the surface of the skin. They give you silky smooth skin in just 3-6 minutes, and are loaded with 5 skin  benefits; moisturizes, smoothens, exfoliates, brightens and freshens the skin.

3. Trimming

Trimming has been helping people since ages. It is the go-to method if you are short on time.

Veet’s Electric Trimmer can fit in a pouch but has an enhanced hair removal ability. With its adjustable precision head and the waterproof feature, this trimmer can be used anywhere you want. It's gentle on your skin and gives you flawless skin in a matter of minutes.

Now that you are well-acquainted with various techniques of body and facial hair removal at home, it is best to skip salons and be hair-free at home. Unprecedented times call for resourceful solutions. Stay home, stay safe and stay healthy!