Which Hair Removal Method is Right for You?

The thing about body hair is that it grows in various nooks and crannies – and this can really knock your confidence down    . Modern fashion and our celebrity culture celebrates smooth, hair-free skin, and many women struggle to live up to these ideals on a daily basis. Our hectic lifestyles make it difficult to achieve smooth skin every day, so it may be time to look for a more permanent solution.

What to consider when considering permanent hair removal:

If you have decided to remove your hair permanently, it is important to think about what’s best for you. Some methods may work better on you than others, while some products can be used on certain skin types and some cannot. When choosing a hair removing product, make sure you:

Think about your lifestyle. If you often wear clothes that reveal your legs and arms, you must choose a more permanent hair removal solution so that you save time and money on frequent hair removal.

Skin-type. Frequent hair removal can irritate the skin, so you may need an alternative hair removal method.

How much time do you have? Often, the more important factor in deciding the hair removal method is the time at your disposal. You can try a method such as shaving, which is quick but does not offer long lasting results.

Adding up the cost. If buying hair removal products is denting your finances, you could look into investing in an IPL hair removal system that you can use at any time.

What is IPL, and why should I consider it?

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) technology is a popular permanent hair removal method. It also has the added benefit of convenience – you can use it at home by yourself.

The IPL technology delivers short bursts of light into the hair follicle – the hair gets weaker and falls off. Meanwhile, new hair cannot grow at the root. Thus, concentrated flashes of light can reduce hair growth and remove hair from the root. Studies show that people using Veet Infini’Silk™ Pro have reported up to 54% hair reduction after just three months of use.

Temporary solutions:

Deciding to opt for permanent hair removal is a big step for most people, so you must be absolutely sure before you go ahead with it. While you mull over your decision, you can try:

Shaving, which is one of the quickest hair removal methods. But the hair grows back in just a couple of days, because it is cut only at the surface of the skin.

Depilatory creams, which dissolve the hair slightly below the skin’s surface. Thus, the hair takes a little more time than shaving to grow back. However, the hair grows back finer.

Waxing, which keeps hair away for up to four weeks. It is a form of depilation which removes hair completely from the root. The hair grows back finer and sparser than before.

Ultimately, the hair removal method you choose is based on how much time you have, the product and solution that you like best and your overall lifestyle. Or you might find that permanent hair removal suits you the best.