Why you need to think twice before shaving next time?

It is human to want to look your presentable best when you’re heading out for a night of some much needed recreation. You want to slip into that shiny new shoes you just splurged your pay check on. And you obviously want to showcase that new skirt or dress that you gifted yourself from the summer sale.

 Speaking of putting your best foot forward, you have been completely neglecting the hair growth on your leg so far. A dilemma presents itself to you to shave or to go au naturale? Shave it is. After all, you have no choice, you are in a hurry Think again:

Contrary to popular belief, your skin doesn’t like the touch of cold, uncaring stainless steel. Little known is the fact that your skin gets increasingly irritated as the blade of your razor scrapes down your leg.

An obvious choice it seems to subject your pride and joy to the perils of inevitable nicks, cuts and the occasional razor burn. Acceptable, practically inconsequential risks one might say. But that’s just the tip of the substantially huge iceberg of problems that presents itself when you are shaving your legs.

The redness, the itching and the discomfort often leads to the emergence of painful and prickly white-headed pimples that herald the arrival of Folliculitis. Resultant of the bacteria Staphylococcus Aureus penetrating the follicles of your hair. One might think that this is no big deal. But acute cases have been known to require the use of topical or oral antibiotics.

 One might think that it ends there. Another complication that arises when shaving is the dreaded ingrown hair. If a strand of hair, on shaving, curls inward and grows back into the skin gives rise to extremely painful, boil-like sores.

 If you have been considering shaving your legs, reconsider. One might think it is worth it. But add the sores, pimples and boils to the prevalent story of poor shaving practices and it paints a whole different picture altogether.

Thankfully there is an alternative. Hair removal creams has been a time-tested, godsend of a technique for women across the globe. It is a semi-permanent form of hair removal that contains a certain formula that weakens the hair making it easily break loose from the skin. For the subsequent four to six weeks you can expect smooth, glowing and supple skin and no unwanted hair to mar your beauty. Veet’s range of Hair Removal Creams are augmented with organic ingredients like papaya extracts, camellia seed oil, lotus milk and aloe vera among others that heal, soothe and enrich your damaged skin cells. Your beauty need not come at the cost of your skin. Let it shine through with Veet Naturals.

 Hair removal need not be another chore in your beauty regimen. For every weather, for every occasion and for every skin type, Veet has something special in store for you. So say goodbye to sleepless nights and embrace who you are. Confident, beautiful and so much more.