Hair Removal : Hair removal during pregnancy: A word of caution

If you are pregnant, you are probably already  radiating the healthy glow that pregnancy brings. But pregnancy also causes hormonal changes, and in some women,  this causes more hair growth than before.

You may be skeptical about using your usual brand of hair removal product to deal with unwanted body hair – as you should be. Some products might cause skin sensitivity and rashes, and you don’t want to deal with these problems when you’d rather devote more time to your own needs and the baby’s.

If you use Veet products, you will probably want to maintain your hair removal routine even during this time. Using Veet during pregnancy could be a good solution, but do check with your doctor and dermatologist before you proceed. However, the use of Veet hair removal creams is a safe solution for most pregnant women.

Waxing is also a good solution, but it might cause bruising., we recommend that you use hair removal creams instead while you are pregnant, and return to waxing after the baby is born.