How to get rid of Razor Bumps

How to get rid of Razor Bumps

Many women observe certain redness or small bumps on their skin. In most cases, this is experienced after shaving the body hair. These bumps or cuts are nothing but razor bumps. Also known as folliculitis, razor burn either occurs immediately after shaving or during the time of hair growing back. It can leave the skin on your legs red and inflamed, or with raised bumps. The main reason behind razor bumps is friction between razor and the ingrown hairs. Ingrown hairs are normally occur when hair grows into your skin instead of growing out of it. This friction causes pimple-like bumps on your skin.

If you are confused as to how to remove unwanted hair without shaving, then you would be delighted to know that the body hair can be conveniently removed using Veet Hair Removal cream or wax strips. Using Veet will keep the risk of razor bumps at bay and leave you with smooth and soft skin surface. Hair removal cream might just take a little longer than shaving but works as a permanent solution to the risk of razor cuts and injuries. It will also keep your skin smoother and hair free for longer time as compared to shaving.

Women who shave their body hair are more likely to experience razor bumps and the reason could be anything be it sensitive skin or curly hair. However, Razor bumps normally go away with time without specific treatment, but it is a good idea to switch to waxing or embracing the depilatory cream to avoid the razor bumps in the first place itself.

If you are already dealing with razor bump irritation currently, then adopting certain practices can prove to be useful in treating existing bumps or preventing more from developing. Some of the most sorted prevention measures include using moisturiser right after shaving. This will hydrate your skin and avoid skin irritation. You can also try cool compression as this will help in reducing razor rash and redness. Do not forget to exfoliate your skin before shaving as exfoliation will remove all the dead skin and will aid in preventing ingrown hairs. Exfoliating can also help release ingrown hairs from being embedded.

These are merely but few safety measures to avoid razor burns. There is no definite guarantee that following any of the procedures will avoid the bumps completely and hence, when it comes to removing body hair, shaving might not be the best option available as it only cuts the hair off your skin’s surface and might not provide the exact smooth or silky affect you might be craving for.