Ready To Use Wax Strips

Want to get rid of unnecessary and stubborn body hair? Veet brings you the perfect solution of waxing in the form of ready to use wax strips for all skin types i.e normal skin, dry skin as well as sensitive skin. Veet ready to use cold wax strips effortlessly pulls out hair as short as 1.5 mm and give you beautiful, smooth skin for up to 4 weeks all at the ease and comfort of your home.

Why use cold wax strips?

You are probably accustomed to getting your skin waxed at the salon, where they normally use hot wax for hair removal. The wax is heated in a special heating implement, and when it is runny and warm enough, it is applied to the skin with a spatula. A waxing strip is then pressed on to the hot wax and pulled off to remove hair.

Not only is hot wax messy and uncomfortable, but it may also cause burns if the wax is overheated. Contrast this with cold wax strips, which offer the following benefits:

The strip comes coated with wax, and no separate heating is required.

Veet Cold Wax Strips offer an easy, convenient solution to hair removal on the visible parts of the body. You can wax yourself in the comfort and privacy of your home, at any time.

Veet Cold Wax Strips offer a complete hair removal solution. The box contains cold wax strips, skin cleansing wipes to remove excess wax, and an instruction leaflet. Each wax strip comes with a grip tab for easy pulling, and can be used at least thrice before it loses its stickiness. You may also cut the strip to the desired size for waxing the bikini area and underarms.

The best thing about cold waxing is that it offers the same results as hot waxing, minus the discomfort, mess, and loss of time. However, you cannot use cold wax strips on the face, chest, back, shoulders and genital region.

Veet Cold Wax strips are available for different skin types. Choose the Shea Butter and Berry variant for normal skin, Almond Oil and Vitamin E care for Sensitive Skin, and the Aloe Vera and Lotus variant for dry skin.

The pain is lesser than salon wax and leaves you with salon-smooth skin for upto 28 days.