What to do with Embarrassing Facial Hair?

The human body is a wonderfully complex machine that performs some truly extraordinary functions. It performs a daily balancing act between hormones, chemicals, physiological responses and circulatory processes so smoothly that you don’t even notice the things going on inside your body. But if any of these fine balances are disturbed for any reason, that is when the body starts showing the symptoms of the same – and the first side effects are often seen on the face. One of these side effects includes the growth of unwanted hair on the face. However, this may be a condition from birth, or it may start from puberty. At other times, it is a response to some inner changes in the body. You can easily ignore this growth if the hair is fine and downy, but it is tough to ignore coarse, dark hair on the face. This kind of growth is seen on the forehead area above the eyes and around the mouth. But there is no need to be embarrassed about it – you can adopt some simple measures to remove the hair, depending on the method most suitable to you. Just remember that you must NEVER use a razor on your face – shaving the hair makes the hair grow back thicker and rougher than before.

Around the Mouth: Top Lip

Every person has hair above their upper lips, and so do women. But this hair growth is thicker in some women than in others. Instead of fretting over it, you can use a cold wax facial hair removal strip on the area. But don’t use the strip on your face if you’ve never done so before – first test it on another area, such as the arm or leg. If there is no adverse reaction after 24 hours, you can use it on your upper lip. Apply the strip firmly across the upper lip area covering the hair growth. Now grip the Easy Grip ™ tab and pull the strip in one fluid motion. You will have soft, hair-free skin over your lip. But if this method is too uncomfortable to you, you could try bleaching instead. Bleaching lightens the hair considerably, making them appear closer to your skin tone. It does not remove the hair, it merely camouflages it.

Around the Mouth: Chin

The hair around the chin is normally sparse, but clearly visible. Most women simply pluck off the hair using a pair of tweezers. If you don’t want to pluck them, just use cold wax strips. The hair mostly comes off in one easy pull and is not too painful either. If you wax off the hair, they take much longer to grow back since you effectively pull them out by the root. The hair may grow back in about four weeks, so waxing this area of the face is always a good idea.

Above the Eyes: Brow

The trend in eyebrows for the last two years is thick and fierce – take a cue from Deepika Padukone, Leslie Caron, or Audrey Hepburn (though Audrey’s eyebrows were drawn over with pencil). Women with thick, shapely brows are truly blessed. But if your brows are thick and unruly, you will want to tear them out! Taming such eyebrows can be tough, but not impossible. You might get them shaped into submission at the salon, where the beautician can thread out the extra hair. Or you can use a precision wax product, which targets only the extra hair and leaves your eyebrows looking even and shapely. 

Above the Eyes: Uni-Brow

The uni-brow is, let’s face it, not the most flattering look for any woman. It is possible to remove the hair connecting your two brows by waxing or plucking them off. Just don’t use a razor! Though some women swipe a razor across the hair, it can leave sharp, straight ends that soon develop into a stubble that looks even more awful than the unibrow.

Though body hair is normally thick in most people, you might feel that the hair on your face and body is thicker and coarser than what is considered normal. Excessive hair growth can be symptomatic of hormonal changes or an illness. If the hair growth has thickened suddenly and is not related to such events as pregnancy and menopause, then a trip to the doctor is necessary.

Just follow our tips to remove the unwanted hair on your face. There’s no need to hide your pretty face any more! Also look up the Veet product page for the best hair removal solutions.