Bikini Wax at Home: A Complete Guide

Waxing your intimate areas or leaving the hairs down there untouched is a matter of personal choice. However, most women love the feeling of smooth and hair-free skin. And anyone with thick undergrowth and fear of razors can confirm that shaving is no fun. So if you are one of amongst those, and are confused about how to get the perfect bikini line, do not worry, we have a solution for you- Bikini Waxing. Read on to know more about what is bikini waxing and how to go about it.

Bikini waxing at home- How and Why?

Who wouldn’t want smooth baby skin without any rashes or itchiness? Well, for a cheap and easy hair removal process, bikini waxing is the clear winner.

But what about the money we have to spend every few weeks to get the professional bikini wax? Those who have already had one would know how expensive the Brazilian waxes are. Who would want to spend a few hundred bucks every four weeks to have their hairs pulled off by some beauty experts at the salon? Not to mention the embarrassment many of us feel to have our intimate area exposed to the attendant.

So to save yourself money and the awkwardness, DIY bikini wax is the perfect solution. Bikini waxing at home is easy if you are patient. Read on to know more about how to do bikini wax at home.

What do you need for bikini waxing at home?

For a bikini wax at home, you will need to buy a waxing kit. There are a variety of waxing kits available in the market. However, Veet Cold Wax Strips is one of the easiest and safe ways for bikini waxing at home. You will need these things other than the waxing kit:

  • Pre-wax cleanser
  • Pre-epilation oil
  • Aloe-based gel
  • Towel

Prepare yourself for Bikini waxing

Before you start bikini waxing, make sure the hairs are grown at least a quarter-inch long to grab and pull the hair off effectively. Use the clippers and trim the hair in your private area if they have grown longer than one-half inch.

Once you have your hair at the right length, exfoliate and cleanse the area thoroughly before you start with bikini waxing. Pat-dry the area and apply talcum powder on the area to be waxed. The powder will help the strips only grip the hairs and not your skin. Also, it will soak any moisture present on your skin for a smoother waxing experience.

Bikini Waxing Steps: How to do it Yourself

It’s time to get started with bikini waxing at home!

  • Remove the cold wax strips from the packet
  • Next, peel off and apply the wax strips on the desired area and press the wax along the direction of hair growth
  • Hold your skin taut and pull away from the wax strip against the direction of your hair growth
  • Repeat the process until the skin is soft and clean
  • Apply after-wax lotion or aloe-based gel to soothe the burning sensation

A quick tip to make bikini hair removal at home more comfortable and less messy

For a less painful experience you can also try the Veet Pure Hair removal creams range

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With Veet Pure, now you don't have to go through the pain for Bikini line hair removal.