Are you thinking of getting a Brazilian wax?

Brazilian waxing removes much more hair down there than bikini line waxing. We list the things you need to know about both.

Like buying your first lipstick, or getting your first period, or even having your first sexual experience, a bikini wax is a rite of passage for most women. The idea of applying wax down there and then yanking them off – even the thought of it can strike fear in your heart at first! But after the first few times of removing hair from the bikini line, you begin to get more comfortable with it.

Some women are more daring than others, in terms of wanting to remove ALL the hair down south instead of only in the bikini line. This is called Brazilian waxing.

What is Brazilian wax?

To understand what Brazilian waxing is, you must first understand how it differs from basic bikini line waxing.

  • Bikini line waxing removes visible hair from the panty line, i.e. the part of the skin just next to your underwear. It does not remove hair anywhere else in the pubic area.
  • A Brazilian bikini wax, on the other hand, removes all the hair in the region except for leaving a thin strip of hair on the pubic mound. The hair around the anus and around the labia is also removed completely.
  • Brazilian waxing normally uses hot wax. Most salons use Oriental wax or cloth strips with the hot wax.
  • It is better to entrust Brazilian waxing to the aesthetician at the salon, since the skin near the genitals is extremely delicate. Also, the areas between the legs is quite difficult to reach by yourself.

Does a Brazilian wax hurt?

Any kind of waxing hurts at least a little, since it involves pulling off the hair right off the follicles. However, it becomes easier with subsequent Brazilian waxing sessions, since waxing makes the hair softer and sparser than before. Besides, you get more used to it over time! 

  • You could go to the salon to get a Brazilian wax, or call the aesthetician home to do it for you. Essentially, you will need to lie down on the floor or waxing table with your knees bent so as to provide more application area for the wax.
  • If it is your first Brazilian waxing session, you could take a painkiller an hour earlier. The aesthetician will apply a cleansing gel to the skin, followed by a protective cream. If she doesn’t, ask for the cream before she proceeds. 
  • The hot wax is not applied to the labia or vagina. It is only applied to the parts of the skin with visible hair. So, you don’t need to worry about getting the wax on your genitals. The wax is applied with a thin spatula in an even layer. 
  • Generally, a strip of hair is left on the pubic mound, but you can choose to have it removed as well. This is termed as a ‘Hollywood wax’, which offers a completely hair-free pubic and anal region.