New Year’s Part Preparation!

The whole world celebrates the New Year with gusto, and New Year’s Eve is party time everywhere – no matter the time zone. You could have taken time off and be resting at home as the weather cools down, or hopping from one party to another as the countdown to New Year begins. Either way, you would like to look and feel your best – and showing off radiant skin is a big part of this! So here are a few hair removal tips for the season, to dazzle the world in your new dress and set new standards for beauty!

Look your best…

You might have bought a new LBD, but then you take a look at your legs and frown – there’s a fuzz on your skin that needs urgent attention! Start with prepping your skin, because it goes a long way. Remove your hair a couple of days before the big party, so that you will not have angry red skin during the big event.

Wash your legs in hot or warm water and scrub your skin with a good scrubbing cream or a loofah. This helps remove dead skin and the wax can grip the hair better. You can opt for a formulation designed for sensitive skin. Veet Wax Strips for Sensitive Skin have an easy pull grip that help you wax your own legs just like a beautician would. It also contains skin-friendly ingredients like Almond Oil to soothe away any post-wax irritation.

After you are done, moisturise your skin thoroughly. Keep slathering moisturiser on your legs for the next few days to get soft, glowing skin that takes the breath away on your big night.

…and feel your Best

It is true what they say about real beauty coming from within, but sometimes, it’s great if it is on the outside as well! Take the time to care for yourself this time of the year to make the most of your celebrations. Ditch your alarm clock and catch a couple of hours of extra sleep to wake up with a healthy glow. After a leisurely cup of coffee, grab some alone-time to get cracking on your list of New Year resolutions, and reflect on the year gone by. Once you’ve caught up with yourself, you will be in great form to get ready for the night ahead.

Resolution Time

Your hair removal routine and the care you took of yourself post hair removal is sure to get you a lot of praise in the party. You might resolve to make the routine a regular part of your beauty regime. How about adding a few more points to the list?

  • Wax a few days before a big night out to eliminate sensitivity and redness.
  • Exfoliate your skin in the shower to get a better waxing result and to minimise ingrown hair.
  • You just need little tweaks to put some finishing touches – include a pair of tweezers and a bottle of talc in your make-up kit. Add anything else in your hair removal arsenal that you might be missing.

Moisturising hydrates your skin, and the effect shows at once. Keep moisturising your skin every day to maintain that radiant glow.

We sure hope these tips and your glowing legs help you dance into the New Year like the diva that you are!