Tips and Advice to Remove Facial Hair

Everybody loves a rugged man with a lot of facial fuzz – but who likes that look on a woman? The truth is, every woman has facial hair, but it is mostly not a problem. It becomes an issue only when the hair is dark and noticeable – it looks terrible and can dent a woman’s confidence. But there is no need to fret because there are various techniques of removing facial hair. We list some of the most widely used methods below-


Waxing is commonly used on the face, and it does not have any side effects (which most women fear). You can get many parts of your face waxed – your eyebrows, upper lip, cheeks, sideburns and also your chin. A beautician can use wax strips on your face and get the hair off, but it causes angry red burns that you will have to endure as you make your way home. It is simple to do this at home by yourself, using Veet easy-grip wax strips. They are specially designed to provide precise hair removal on the sensitive facial skin, and the smoothness lasts up to four weeks.


Threading can be done easily and safely on the face in order to remove hair precisely and quickly. The only problem is that you cannot thread your facial hair yourself unless you are trained to do so. A beautician can do it for you, whether at your favourite salon or at a threading booth at the mall. Threading is especially great for the eyebrows and upper lip area. It can remove one hair at a time or an entire column of hair at once.


Trimming is one of the precise ways of removing facial hair. One of the finest trimmers in the market, Veet electric trimmer comes with a precision head that can be used to shape or style as well as in the upkeep of your eyebrow hair


This method is used to mask facial hair. It does not remove the hair but makes it less visible. You can use it by yourself at home, wait for about 10 minutes and then wash it off with cold water. You don’t get ingrown hair with this method (such as with threading or plucking) since the hair is not removed at all. Thus, though the hair is not visible, you can still feel it. Those with sensitive skin would do better to use bleach with caution: there are strong chemicals in the bleach, and these might cause some damage to delicate skin. 

Intense Light Pulse Technology (IPL):

IPL is an excellent hair removal solution for those seeking long-term effects. The technology uses a targeted beam of light and delivers short bursts of it on the hair shaft, thus weakening the hair at the root. The weakened hair’s growth is thus retarded at the root itself. Veet has an unbeatable Infini Silk IPL Hair Removal System that you can use at home by yourself. It adapts well for both larger and smaller areas of skin, though it performs fabulously on the face and hard-to-reach areas. 


Plucking hair one by one is a slow hair removal method. It is also painful but very precise. It is especially useful for a last-minute touch-up. Waxing or even depilation can leave a few stray hairs behind. These can be plucked off with a good pair of tweezers.